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Food Safety Policies

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CK Noodles Sdn Bhd is in the business of manufacturing noodles and pastry product. Therefore, we are committed to provide safe, high quality and legal products that comply to customer and regulatory requirements at all time. This will be implemented through:

  • Capability to produce a safe and good quality product by controlling the ingredient, making process, storage, distribution of product until consumer consumption. The management is committed to maintain and enhance food safety measure in order to achieve customer satisfaction via performing consistent good quality product.

  • Continually improves the operations by adhering to the requirements of FSMS standard. More than that, we shall also adhere to  requirements of Malaysian Halal Standard.

  • From the management to all level of employees shall play their role in monitoring and review the performance of established safety objectives. All level of staff and employee shall commit to their responsibility to initiate timely action when the actual performance deviate or are out of the set objectives. Communicate our commitment to stakeholder & interested parties through effective internal and external communications.

                            Food Safety Objective

  • To Ensure that all finished product free from all detectable contaminants and industry metal contaminants.

  • 100% finished product are safe to be consumed and will meet the microbiological specifications.

  • All product are generally free from hazardous chemical and excessive dose of food additives, as compliant to Malaysia Food Act 1983 and Regulation and other export country.

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